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The Pre-Viking sword found by metal detectorists in eastern Denmark.

Well-Preserved 3,000-Year-Old Pre-Viking Sword Unearthed in Denmark is Still Sharp

By Michael Wing / Epoch Times On the large island of Zealand, located in eastern Denmark, two amateur archaeologists fortuitously decided to bring their metal detector along with them on a stroll...
The Haga Dolmen, Bohuslän, Sweden

The Haga Dolmen: Neolithic Burial Chamber Sits Amidst an Impressive Megalithic Landscape

Sweden is a country with a rich archaeological heritage. The Scandinavian nation has many Viking era ruins and artifacts, and has a long history dating back to the Stone Age. One of the most...
The sword has been dated to the 5th or 6th century.

Girl Finds Pre-Viking Sword While Wading in Swedish Lake

There have been many remarkable discoveries in lakes, over the centuries. One such find has just been recently announced in Sweden. A young girl found an incredibly rare 5 th or 6 th century AD sword...
A blue glass bead at least 1,500 years old is among the finds archaeologists have made at the Ørland Main Air Station dig.

Pre-Viking Iron Age settlement will give a glimpse of life in Norway 1,500 years ago

Archaeologists have discovered a pre-Viking Iron Age settlement dating back around 1,500 years ago on the Trondheim Fjord on Norway’s coast as they excavated the area prior to expanding an airport...