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Replica of Fet Mats Israelsson, Falu Grava Visitors Center, Falun, Sweden. (Tidsspegeln) Inside Falun copper mine. (bluecoomassie/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The Mummified Miner: Fet Mats Israelsson and His Unfortunate Demise

Mining is an industry that really doesn’t sound all that entertaining or enigmatic. Rocks, drills, and pickaxes - not much happens in the world of a miner. But when it does - it tends to be...
Flamingos at Lake Natron.

Medusa, The Lake That Turns Flesh Into Stone

In a remote part of northern Tanzania in Africa there is a mysterious lake. The water is so caustic that it can burn the skin and eyes of unprepared creatures. Its shores are littered with the...