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Parthenon Marbles

Library of Ashurbanipal Mesopotamia 1500-539 BC Gallery, British Museum, London, England (Gary Todd / CC0)

The World’s First Collectors, Museums And Libraries Of Antiquity

People have collected objects, scripts, fossils, specimens, precious stones, artifacts and memorabilia since the dawn of mankind’s memory, for different reasons. Many possible motives come into play...
Britain and Greece continue to fight over the Parthenon Marbles. Source: markara / Adobe Stock.

Brexit Reignites Greece’s Appeal to Return Stolen Parthenon Marbles

Greece’s continuing demands for the UK to return its famous Parthenon Marbles has been ignored by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, again. What is becoming a historically significant archaeological...
The Elgin Marbles on display at the British Museum, London. Source: Justin Norris / CC BY 2.0

Lost in Time Faces Revealed on the Elgin Marbles

The Elgin or Parthenon Marbles are among the most controversial artworks in the world. 19 th century plaster casts of the sculptures have been analyzed using 3D images and have revealed new details...