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Dr Valentina Rossi of University College Cork, Ireland, who led the research team which discovered that a 280-million-year-old lizard fossil is, in part, a forgery. Source: Zixiao Yang/University College Cork

The Oldest Fossil Reptile from the Alps is Declared an Historic Forgery

A 280-million-year-old fossil that has baffled researchers for decades has been shown to be, in part, a forgery following new examination of the remnants. The discovery has led the team headed by Dr...
The 30,000-year-old ball of preserved fur and bones that has been found to be an Ice Age squirrel. Source: Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre

Fossilized Fur Ball Turns out to be Frozen Ice Age Squirrel!

In 2018, miners working in northern Canada discovered a small, tannish-brown, grapefruit-sized lump. This mass of claws and limbs appeared to be made of fossilized fur upon examination with the naked...
Eagle Raptors were the alpha hunters of Australia 25-million-years-ago. 	Source: © Jacob Blokland / Flinders University

25-Million-Year-Old Raptor Dominated Land and Sky At Australian Lake

Dating to 25 million years ago, the ‘oldest and most-complete’ raptor skeleton ever found has been unearthed in Australia. The eagle-like remains are distinctive and indicate a hunter that was top of...
Mummified wolf-cub found in Yukon

Miners Strike Ice Age Gold Finding a Mummified Wolf Cub

A new study has revealed exciting information about a mummified wolf cub that was found in the Canadian permafrost. Scientists say the little creature that was discovered by miners in the Yukon is “...
Artist’s reconstruction of a savannah in Middle Pleistocene Southeast Asia. In the foreground Homo erectus, stegodon, hyenas, and Asian rhinos are depicted. Water buffalo can be seen at the edge of a riparian forest in the background. Source: Peter Schouten / Nature

Nature Killed Off Megafauna, And It Could Happen Again

The giant beasts and ancient megafauna that roamed Southeast Asia 100,000 years ago died because of climate change. A team of scientists from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, has published...
Future archaeologists will find mainly neatly arranged human remains, study says.    Source: milkovasa / Adobe Stock

Future Archaeologists Will Mainly Discover Rows of Humans

A US scientist predicts that a yet-to-evolve intelligent species testing the fossil record on Earth will find mainly humans, lined up in rows. The new paper outlined in the journal The Anthropocene...
World First as Feathered Dinosaur Tail is Found Preserved in Amber

World First as Feathered Dinosaur Tail is Found Preserved in Amber

Researchers from China, Canada, and the University of Bristol have discovered a dinosaur tail complete with its feathers trapped in a piece of amber. The finding reported today in Current Biology...