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Oxford University

Reconstruction to the front left garden area of Frewin Hall has revealed Oxford’s lost college, St. Mary’s College, destroyed by King Henry VIII’s dissolution policies.		Source: Simon Gannon / Oxford Mail

“Lost College” of Oxford University Found In Reconstruction Project

Oxford University’s “lost Augustinian college,” i.e., medieval St. Mary’s College, which existed for 106 years in the days of the Tudors (1485-1603). The ancient outlines of the lost college of...
It is alleged that biblical artifacts have been bought by Hobby Lobby for the Museum of the Bible shown here. Source: CC BY-SA 4.0

Oxford Professor Embroiled In Biblical Artifacts Scandal

An Oxford University professor stands accused of illegally selling rare ancient Bible fragments to a controversial religious US company. Dirk Obbink was one of the world’s most celebrated classics...