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Gene Paleno Author

Gene Paleno

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Gene Paleno has farmed in Lake County for nearly fifty years and has been writing even longer. During most of the good part of a century of life Gene has had more occupations and professions than you can count on both hands.

He writes to entertain. Gene's written fifteen full-length novels and several collections of stories on a wide range of subjects, from a weekly newspaper column of the animals and people he's met while he's farmed, to novels about the Civil War, Lake County history, and Adult science fiction and fantasy.

Asked, 'Why do you write?' his reply was, 'Because I must. Writing is like breathing. It is the reason I wake each day glad to be alive.' “Besides,' he adds, 'Seeing my stories in print and knowing people enjoy reading them is like having Apple Pie... and I love Apple Pie.'

See more of Gene’s books and work at his website:

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