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Dr. George Nash, Author

Dr. George Nash


Dr George Nash is a research fellow at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol, an Associate Professor at the Museum of Prehistoric Art (Quaternary and Prehistory Geosciences Centre, Macao, Portugal) and a member of the teaching staff at IPT, Tomar in Portugal. George has been an academic and professional archaeologist for the past 30 years and has undertaken extensive fieldwork on prehistoric rock-art and mobility art in many countries. He has written and edited many books on prehistoric art and prehistoric monumentality including, among numerous others,  Signifying Place and Space: World Perspectives of Rock-art and Landscape (2000), European Landscapes of Rock-art (2001), The Figured Landscapes of Rock-art: Looking at Pictures and Place, edited with Christopher Chippindale (2004),  The Architecture of Death (2006), andThe Archaeology of People and Territoriality (2009).

He has recently published an edited book with the late Andrew Townsend entitled  Decoding Neolithic Atlantic & Mediterranean Islands (published by Oxbow in 2016).  George is currently completing a book of South American rock art with colleagues. Since 2008, George is one of the commissioning editors of Time and Mind Journal (published by Routledge).  In addition to his extensive publication programme, George has also written and presented programmes on European rock-art and contemporary graffiti for the BBC and independent television.

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