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Revolting ingredients for the manufacturing of luxurious ancient perfume. Source: creative_content/Adobe Stock

10 Most Revolting Ingredients Used in Ancient Perfumes

Who doesn’t enjoy a good perfume? Well, at least they are better than enduring some natural human odors! Today, perfumes are a commodity available to millions of people, coming in all sorts of scents...
The Turkey-based project has brought the smells of ancient Mesopotamian perfume back to life. Source: Marc Da Matisse / Adobe Stock

Perfumers in Turkey Replicate a 3,200-Year-Old Mesopotamian Perfume

A group of perfumers have come together to recreate an ancient Mesopotamian perfume formula. Originally made 3,200 years ago, they have replicated a fragrance from what has come to be known as the...
Woman enjoying the scent of a flower. Source: Syda Productions / Adobe Stock

Like What You Smell? It’s All In Your Genes

By focusing on a handful of our smell receptor types, a team of scientists has demonstrated how some people are more sensitive to some smells than others. And, they have answered why we all perceive...
Odeuropa will publish a smell encyclopedia, after research into historic smells. This is a groundbreaking sensory archaeology project which has been awarded a grant by the EU Horizon 2020 program. Source: Wellcome Trust / CC BY 4.0

AI Bot Will Sniff Out Historic Smells to Recreate Ancient Smellscapes

An artificial intelligence (AI) robot is set to scan historical texts and paintings to recreate now extinct scents and smells. In the 2006 movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer , directed by Tom...