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Diver Christophe Le Maillot documents the ocher mining activity at the site.   Source: Sam Meacham, CINDAQ. A.C. SAS-INAH / INAH

Divers Find Oldest Ocher Mines in the Americas

Experts in Mexico have discovered what they believe to be the oldest ocher mines in all the Americas. They date back an astonishing 10-12,500 years ago. The discovery is helping researchers to better...
Roman Painting - Villa dei Misteri, Pompeii, Italy. Miltos was used for yellow and sometimes red in many Greco-Roman paintings

Miltos, The Wonder Dust of the Ancient World

What pigment could be used for ship maintenance, art, agriculture, medicine, and cosmetics? In the Greco-Roman world, the multi-use ocher pigment called Miltos filled all these roles. The powerful...
4,000-Year-Old Art Gallery Found in Siberia

4,000-Year-Old Art Gallery Found in Siberia

By Anna Liesowska / Siberian Times Vivid red and orange paintings by Bronze Age artists go on show for the first time. There are ancient images of humans, a bull, a trees and birds in 20-plus '...