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Master Architects of Sardinia: The Sacred Well of Santa Cristina

Master Architects of Sardinia: The Sacred Well of Santa Cristina

The Well of Santa Cristina is an ancient structure located on the Italian island of Sardinia. The name of the structure is somewhat misleading. In spite of its association with a Christian saint, the...
Nuraghe Is Paras - Isili - an archeological site of Isili, a town in the historical region of Sarcidano, province of South Sardinia built in the 15-14th century (Andrea / Adobe Stock)

Were the Anunnaki the Architects of the Towers and Tombs of the Giants of Sardinia?

Sardinia is one of the most geologically ancient lands in Europe , inhabited during the Upper Paleolithic, home to a Nuragic civilization that left nothing behind by way of writing. Folklore paint...
 Santu Antine.

Santu Antine, Sardinia: A Megalithic House Built for a King?

A mysterious civilization built megalithic structures across the island of Sardinia in the Bronze and Iron Ages. The buildings are now known as nuraghes – and the impressive nuraghe called Santu...
Nuraghe Ruju, Sardinia

Did a Comet Destroy Ancient Sardinia?

A group of Italian scientists recently met to present their hypotheses regarding the cause of the disaster that devastated the island of Sardinia in 1175 BC. Their meeting took place before the...