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New Forest

Tudor coins discovered in surprising hoard in the garden of a house in the New Forest, Hampshire. Source: The Trustees of the British Museum.

47,000 U.K. Pandemic Finds, But This Tudor Coin Hoard Is King!

Around 47,000 historical finds have been recorded with the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) scheme in 2020. According to , 6,251 of the lost artifacts were reported during...
Examples of a king’s mark, person, and witch mark carved into trees in the New Forest, Hampshire, England. Source: New Forest National Park

Symbols of the Enchanted Forest? Witch and King’s Marks Carved into English Trees

How have these ancient markings carved into trees in the New Forest in Hampshire, including witch and king’s marks, gone unrecorded for so long? The Enchanted Forest of Symbolic Secrets Some over-...
The Rufus Stone in the New Forest, England, from sometime between 1890 and 1900. (Public Domain)

The Rufus Stone: Memorial to William Rufus, Unpopular Norman King of England

The Rufus Stone is a memorial in the New Forest, England . The stone is alleged to mark the location where William II, the second Norman king of England, met his death. In reality, however, the exact...
Buckland Rings - artist's impression from gates

LIDAR Reveals 2,000-Year-Old Dwellings of Earliest Occupants of an Iron Age Hill Fort

A team of archaeologists has detected a conurbation of houses at a hill fort that once hosted some of the earliest occupants of a New Forest town, an area of southern England which includes one of...