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naval warfare

Experts claim this may be Europe’s oldest artillery cannon found off the coast of Sweden. Source: Bo Niklasson/Bohusläns museum/University of Gothenburg

Europe’s Oldest Artillery Cannon Found Off the Coast of Sweden

A shipboard cannon, found off the west coast of Sweden, may be the oldest piece of artillery ever found in Europe! Discovered in the waters off Marstrand, the cannon has been crafted from cast copper...
The bombardment of Tripoli on 3 August 1804, by Michele Felice Cornè (Public Domain)

The Barbary Wars: America’s Most Successful Foreign Intervention

Since its foundation in 1775 the United States has become well known for its tendency to intervene in foreign countries when its national security is threatened. But while much has been written and...
Great Chain of The Golden Horn: Constantinople’s Impenetrable Barrier

Great Chain of The Golden Horn: Constantinople’s Impenetrable Barrier

For all large capital cities in ancient and modern history, protection was one of the major survival strategies. And what historical capital was bigger than legendary Constantinople ? Known as...
The figurehead of the Gribshunden resembles a monster or dog.

Beast from the Deep: Rare wooden figurehead salvaged from historic Danish shipwreck

A wooden figurehead depicting a doglike figure or monster from a historic 15 th century Danish ship has been pulled from Swedish waters. This is one of the oldest known preserved wooden carvings of...