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Vandals Deface ‘Birthing Rock,’ 1000-Year-Old Rock Art in Utah

Vandals Deface ‘Birthing Rock,’ 1000-Year-Old Rock Art in Utah

Utah has become a modern center of vandalism, where the socially untethered who live outside the confines of the law that most of us adhere to commit crimes against both new and old creations. Now, a...
Representation of the biblical war mentioned on the altar inscription. Source: fluenta / Adobe Stock.

2,800-Year-Old Altar Inscription Talks Of Biblical War

Two inscriptions found on an ancient carved altar are revealing new information about a rebellion against the Kingdom of Israel that is described in the Bible. The 2,800 year-old cylindrical stone...
Mesha stele has been claimed to hold proof of the existence of King Balak

Experts Claim New Mesha Stele Reading Provides Evidence Biblical King Was An Historical Figure

Researchers in Israel believe that they have found evidence that a biblical king was a historic figure. They believe that a damaged inscribed tablet known as the Mesha Stele offers proof that a...
Bible paper. Insert: Mesha stele.

This 2,800-Year-Old Stele Tells A Bible Story From A Different Point Of View

As soon as you fit the words “Bible” and “history” into the same sentence, people start reacting. Most people are in one of two camps: either every word of the Bible is completely, literally true, or...