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Mongolian horseman in Avraga, where Genghis Khan’s winter camp ruins were found.           Source: sergelen1 / CC BY 2.0

Australian Archaeologists Identify Genghis Khan’s Lost Winter Camp

Australian archaeologists claim to have identified the legendary lost Genghis Khan winter camp. Known as Chinggis Khan in Mongolia, Genghis Khan lived from about 1162 AD until 1227 AD. He was the...
Left: Skull of a desert hare (Lepus capensis) from the Neolithic Chinese farming community in Yangjiesha, which was used in the study (S. Hu / Antiquity Publications Ltd).        Right top: Jade carving of a rabbit from a Western Zhou Dynasty (1046–771 BC) tomb in Shaanxi Province. (P. Sheng / Antiquity Publications Ltd).        Right bottom: Bronze ornament for a chariot in the shape of a rabbit recovered from Yulin. (P. Sheng / Antiquity Publications Ltd).

Neolithic Chinese Had a Special Relationship with Hares

Researchers in China have found evidence that Stone Age people had a close relationship with hares. While they never domesticated them as they did with dogs, it appears that humans changed the...