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Iron Age weapons and other artifacts found at the Wildenberg Castle site in Germany.

Massive Stash of Iron Age Weapons Reveals Victory Rituals

A massive Iron Age weapons armory has been discovered in North Rhine-Westphalia at Wildenberg Castle, Germany, the biggest find of its kind ever. Archaeologists from the reputed Regional Association...
Tudor coins discovered in surprising hoard in the garden of a house in the New Forest, Hampshire. Source: The Trustees of the British Museum.

47,000 U.K. Pandemic Finds, But This Tudor Coin Hoard Is King!

Around 47,000 historical finds have been recorded with the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) scheme in 2020. According to , 6,251 of the lost artifacts were reported during...
Some of the original 9 axe heads or “Celts’ plus the spearhead found by the Korstad brothers.

Hobbyist Metal Detectorists Find Hoard of 3000-year-old Axes in Farmer's Field in Norway

Some 3,000 years ago, 24 axes were cached in Stjørdal municipality, about 44 km (27.3 miles) east of Trondheim. They're now seeing the light of day once again. In late April, a sensational discovery...