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medicine man

Kurdaitcha is a ritual executioner

How Does the Aboriginal Executioner ‘Kurdaitcha Man’ Avenge the Dead?

Kurdaitcha (known also as Kurdaitcha man) is a ritual ‘ executioner ’ in the culture of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia , in particular the Arrernte people of Central Australia. The job of a...
Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park: Shaped By Three Diverse Personalities and an Ojibwe Trickster

Bon Echo Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada, is well known for Mazinaw Lake, the seventh-deepest lake in Ontario. The southeastern shore of the lake features the massive 100 m (330 ft) high Mazinaw...
Detail of ‘Shaman’, (1930) by Arman Manookian.

The Real Story of Shamanism: No Need to Don a Headdress or Take Hallucinogens

Over the centuries, many of the world’s natural mystics have succumbed to pogroms of elimination or the steady erosion of traditional practices – witches burnt at the stake, indigenous peoples forced...