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mass burial

Historic Cold Cases: Five Ancient Archaeological Murder Mysteries

Historic Cold Cases: Five Ancient Archaeological Murder Mysteries

Nothing sticks in the mind quite like an unanswered question, such as a historic murder mystery, an unsettled death, an impenetrable enigma or even an ancient cold case just waiting to be resolved. A...
Skeleton of a 30–40 year-old woman with a decorated  ivory button on her chest, from the first tomb

Unique Cyprus Death Cult Treasures Uncovered at Mass Burial Site

Excavators in Cyprus have discovered a series of “sensational finds” of death cult artifacts dating to 3,500 years ago, during the Bronze Age. A vessel used as a cult funerary object, a seal with...
5,000-Year-Old Masked Figurine Found in Siberian Mass Grave

5,000-Year-Old Masked Figurine Found in Siberian Mass Grave

Archaeologists have discovered a strange little masked figurine in Siberia. It was found upon the shoulder of a woman who was buried face down in a mass grave 5,000 years ago. The whole scenario has...
Multiple burial in Vilnius, Lithuania containing an individual infected with both plague and yaws. Source: Courtesy of Robertas Zukovskis and Scientific Reports.

Evidence Syphilis Did Not Arrive In Europe With Columbus Expedition

Mass burials are common remnants of the many plague outbreaks that ravaged medieval Europe . A number of these graveyards are well documented in historical sources, but the locations of most, and the...
Mass grave of victims of the Black Death discovered at Thornton Abbey. Source: Sved Oliver / Adobe Stock.

English Medieval Hospital Shows Horrors of Black Death

The Black Death was one of the greatest disasters in recorded history. New discoveries in a medieval hospital burial ground are revealing new insights into its impact on rural England. It shows that...
Skull found in 15th century tombs in Bolivia

Hundreds of Ancient Artifacts and Human Remains Discovered in Subterranean Tombs in Bolivia

Archaeologists in Bolivia have announced the rare discovery of two ancient mass burial tombs containing not only human remains dating to 500 years, but over 100 bundles of indigenous artifacts and...