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Divers exploring the underwater caves where the amphorae were found. (SONARS / Facebook)

Hundreds of Roman Wine Amphorae Found in Underwater Cave

Marine archaeologists have made an amazing discovery in an underwater cave in the Spanish Balearic Islands . They found a large number of amphorae in the cave, which were apparently deliberately...
One of the mummies found in the Tuna El-Gebel burial site. (Ministry of Antiquities) Head and torso of god Xipe Totec found at Ndachjian–Tehuacán archaeological site. (Melitón Tapia/ INAH) A sword from the Talaiotic civilization has been found in Mallorca, Spain. (Diario de Mallorca) Carvings made by people in Vichama, Peru 3,800 years ago suggest rain arrived just in time. (Ministerio de Cultura de Perú ) Temple remains found at Heracleion. (Christoph Gerigk - Frank Goddio/ Hilti Foundation / Egyptian Anti

The Biggest and Best Archaeological Discoveries of 2019

2019 was another exciting year for archaeology. Modern technology and extensive excavations have revealed a slew of fascinating finds – from mummies with masks to a mini Göbekli Tepe, we’ve been...