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A hippeis rider seizes a mounted Amazonian warrior armed with a labrys by her Phrygian cap. Roman mosaic Daphne, Antioch-on-the-Orontes (now Antakya in Turkey), (fourth century AD)/ Louvre, Paris. (Jacques MOSSOT/ CC BY-SA 4.0)

Amazon Myrina, Destroyer of Cerne, Conqueror of Atlantians – Myth Or Proto History?

Diodorus Siculus’ Library of History is a mine of information about the ancient world, its peoples, histories, legends, and myths. Most interesting in Book 3. 52. is the narration of the myth of...
The captivating Medusa Mosaic uncovered in the Odeon at Kibyra. Source: Mehmet Kılınc/Pexels

The Ancient City of Kibyra and its Stellar Rise to Power

The modern region of Anatolia, in Turkey, is well known as a hotspot of ancient civilizations. Also known as Asia Minor, it was a true crossroad of great powers in the pre-Christian era. From the...
The entrance to this ancient Lycian rock-cut tomb in Turkey was recently blasted open with dynamite!		Source: Yenisafak

Looters Blast Open 2500-year-old Lycian Rock-cut Tombs in Turkey

Hoping, perhaps, to lay their hands on something comparable to the famed Elmali Treasures, looters used explosives to break through the entrance of a 2,500-year-old Lycian rock-cut tomb in the Elmali...
First Greek Snake Altar To Underground Gods Found in Southern Turkey

First Greek Snake Altar To Underground Gods Found in Southern Turkey

Snakes are one of the most popular and feared symbols of ancient civilizations. Recently, a mysterious Greek snake altar has been discovered in Turkey , and it has caused considerable excitement in...
According to ancient Greek mythology, the hero Bellerophon with the aid of the winged horse Pegasus slew the monstrous creature known as the Chimera.           Source: insima / Adobe stock

Bellerophon – The Escapades of a Bad Boy Hero With Hidden Lessons

Bellerophon is a well-known hero in Greek mythology. He is best-known for the slaying of the Chimera, a monstrous fire-breathing creature with three heads. The hero was able to accomplish this feat...
Ancient Lycian Rock cut Tombs

The ancient Lycians and their spectacular rock-cut tombs

The ancient Lycians are among the most enigmatic people of antiquity because little historical record has been left behind them. But what has been discovered reveals a fascinating people culturally...
Mythical city of Patara in Turkey

Excavations at the mythical city of Patara in Turkey

Patara is the name of an ancient coastal city and port on the Mediterranean in Turkey with a long history and many legends surrounding its name. According to mythology the city was founded by Patarus...