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Lord Elgin

Lego Acropolis Proves Just as Popular as the Real Thing

Lego Acropolis Proves Just as Popular as the Real Thing

A certified professional Lego designer? Yes, there is such a thing! A Lego expert recreated a Lego Acropolis , complete with the Parthenon . And, believe it or not, the Lego Acropolis even has a tiny...
Britain and Greece continue to fight over the Parthenon Marbles. Source: markara / Adobe Stock.

Brexit Reignites Greece’s Appeal to Return Stolen Parthenon Marbles

Greece’s continuing demands for the UK to return its famous Parthenon Marbles has been ignored by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, again. What is becoming a historically significant archaeological...
Marine research and excavation in the wreck area of the Mentor in 2011 and 2012.

Divers find more artifacts at wreck of the Mentor, which sank carrying the Elgin Marbles

Divers exploring the Mentor ship that wrecked off the southern coast of Greece in 1802 while carrying the Parthenon marbles to England have found other antiquities at the site. Greek Culture Ministry...