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looted artifacts

Just a few of the illegal historical artifacts recovered by the police in Poland recently. Source: Malopolska Police and KPP Wadowicach

Hundreds Of Illegal Historical Artifacts Recently Recovered By The Polish Police!

The looting of archaeological sites is a problem all around the world and it’s also a huge illegal business. Recently in Poland , authorities have recovered hundreds of stolen historical artifacts in...
Mummified feet. Credit: Andrea Izzotti / Adobe Stock

Mummified Body Parts Among Artifacts Now Banned on Facebook

Following a 2019 BBC News exposé and an academic campaign, the social media giant Facebook has now banned all sales of ancient artifacts on the social network, fearing stolen and looted treasures...
Striker, a U.S. Department of Agriculture brown tree snake detector dog, scratches at a cargo load notifying his handler that he has found a snake during a daily training session. Research has begun to see if dogs can detect smuggled antiquities too.

K-9 Artifact Finders Plan to Sniff Out Smuggled Antiquities

An innovative US research program is underway to sniff out smuggled antiquities. Called K-9 Artifact Finders, it is a project set up to train sniffer dogs to aid in the battle against cultural...