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lithic tools

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest ochre workshop in East Asia in north China and a recent study in the Nature journal shows how the lithic tools found at the site link to Africa.		Source: Griffin University

Advanced Human Culture Dating Back 40,000 Years Found in China

A new study published in the journal Nature by an international team of archaeologists has provided fascinating new insights into hunter-gatherer lifestyles 40,000 years ago in north China, and Homo...
Team members entering the Chiquihuite cave, a key site in researching the peopling of the Americas. Source: Devlin A. Gandy

New Evidence Pushes Back Peopling of the Americas Almost 20,000 Years

New research supports the idea that the Clovis-first theory is outdated. Two studies published in the journal Nature provide more evidence that the peopling of the Americas took place well before 13,...
Reconstruction of the Schöningen lakeshore as the humans discovered the elephant's skeleton.          Source: ©Benoit Clarys Tubingen University

Human Activity Detected At Site Of 300,000-year-old Elephant Skeleton

Elephants ranged over Schöningen in Lower Saxony 300,000 years ago. In recent years, remains of at least ten elephants have been found at the Paleolithic sites situated on the edges of the former...
Excavation of archaeological deposits in Chagyrskaya Cave indicate long distance  nomadic Neanderthals traveled from Europe.

Stone Tools Reveal Epic Trek of Nomadic Neanderthals

Kseniya Kolobova et al / The Conversation Neanderthal ( Homo neanderthalensis ) fossils were first discovered in western Europe in the mid nineteenth century. That was just the first in a long line...
The evolution of stone tools. Source: andrey gonchar / Adobe Stock.

Taking a ‘Knapp’ With Our Ancient Ancestors - Stone Tools Through the Ages

The process of creating lithic tools took our hominin species millions of years to perfect. However, we often dismiss stone tools as simplistic primitive technology. The mastering of stone knapping...
Stolbovoy Island, it would have been connected to the mainland. Source: Ilya Kravchenko (via Siberian Times)

Are These Tools Left by Paleolithic Travelers on the Beringia Land Bridge?

By The Siberian Times reporter Excavations are to be made after the discovery of evidence indicating the world’s most northerly paleolithic site on this remote island off the Arctic coast of Yakutia...
Picture taken at the site of the discovery of ancient tools in China.

New Find Indicates Humans Left Africa Earlier than Believed

Ancient tools and bones have been discovered in China by archaeologists that suggest early humans left Africa and arrived in Asia earlier than previously thought. The artifacts show that our earliest...