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Scientists have discovered one of the earliest cases of multiple myeloma, a malignant cancerous tumor, found to date in East Asia within skeletal remains that date back to Bronze Age China. The image shows osteolytic lesions visible on photographs and X-rays of vertebrae. Source: Jenna Dittmar / Science Direct

Breakthrough Discovery of Earliest Cancer Case from Bronze Age China

An examination of the skeletal remains of a man from Bronze Age China has produced some astonishing results. Work conducted by the international research team resulted in experts finding one of the...
7,000-year-old skeleton of woman may have been a victim of leukemia, making it the oldest case found.

7,000-year-old skeleton could have suffered the oldest case of leukemia

German researchers have discovered signs of what may be the earliest known case of leukemia on a 7,000 year old skeleton. The victim of the disease was a female individual who appears to have been in...