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An aerial view of the Latvian shipwreck as it was found in deep beach sand near the country’s capital, Riga.		Source: Rigas Brivosta

Mysterious 40 Foot Latvian Shipwreck Unearthed On the Beach Near Riga

A 40-foot-long (12-meter-long) Latvian shipwreck has been found on a beach near the country’s capital, Riga. Might this be the ghostly remains of a lost British Royal Navy warship? Or perhaps, it’s a...
The skull of the man who died infected with an early strain of the bacterium that thousands of years later caused the devastating plague in medieval Europe. Black Death origins have now been pushed much further back in history because of this incredible scientific study.					Source: Dominik Göldner / BGAEU

Black Death Origins Linked To 5,000-year-old Latvian Man

The remains of an ancient hunter-gatherer unearthed long ago at the Rinnukalns archaeological site in Latvia, has tested positive for Yersina pestis, which is better known as the bacteria behind the...
Latvia’s Enigmatic Virtaka Cliff and Mysterious Gauja River Petroglyphs

Latvia’s Enigmatic Virtaka Cliff and Mysterious Gauja River Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs, cave paintings , and different rock carvings are some of the earliest forms of expression of early man. In the Baltic, Pomeranian, and Scandinavian regions of Europe, petroglyphs have...
Known to all and feared by many, the Curonians were famed for their prowess in battle, strong warrior culture, and an infamous reputation of raiding and plundering their neighboring shores. Source: destillat / Adobe Stock

Men from the Land of Amber: The Shocking History of the Fierce Curonians

The modern Baltic nations of Latvia and Lithuania owe a lot to their fierce and rich history. The fearsome tribes of Balts – close cousins to the neighboring Slavs – carved for themselves a small...
Main: Cēsis Castle in Latvia (CC by SA 3.0). Inset: Inscription found at Cēsis Castle. Inset: Alens Opolskis

Medieval Inscription Found in Teutonic Knights’ Castle of Cēsis

The famous Cēsis Castle in central Latvia has given up an ancient secret carved within its bloodstained stone walls. Cē sis Castle is one of the most iconic medieval castles in Latvia. Founded in...
Fort George magazine (Kirsch, D / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Fort King George - Many Names, Many Rulers, But Never Besieged

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, which consists of islands situated just off the coast of South America together form one of the most populous countries in the Caribbean . The two islands have a...
Ancient graffiti found at the Gutmana Ala cave, Sigulda, Latvia

The Gutmana Ala: The Legendary Cave of the Good Man and the Rose of Turaida

The Gutmana Ala, or Gutman’s (Good Man’s) cave in English, is today located in the Sigulda region of the Gauja National Park in Latvia. Apart from Sigulda, this national park extends over several...