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Kingdom of Judah

Tel Arad fortress, source of the ostracon that led to the Biblical-era mystery.  Source: Public Domain

Israeli Forensic Police Investigator Helps Solve Bible-era Mystery

Research on ancient writings in Israel may have solved a long-standing Bible-era mystery. Researchers have shown that literacy was much more common than previously assumed among the ancient Hebrews...
Director of the Jerusalem Promenade excavation Yaakov Billig with the unearthed capitals that likely were part of a First Temple Period palace.            Source: Yoli Shwartz / Israel Antiquities Authority

First Temple Period Palace Discovered Under The Heart Of Old Jerusalem

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) have announced the discovery of several dozen stone artifacts that date back to the First Temple Period, over 2500 years ago. They were found in a historic part...
Aerial image of the Kingdom of Judah excavation, a 2,700-year-old administrative complex in Jerusalem.        Source: Yaniv Berman / Israel Antiquities Authority

Center of Ancient Kingdom of Judah Found in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, archaeologists have made an important discovery that is providing new insights into the biblical Kingdom of Judah . They have found what they believe is an administrative center...
The Burning of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar’s Army (1630-1660)

By the Rivers of Babylon: Life in Ancient Babylon’s Thriving Jewish Community

In the 6th-century BC, the armies of Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Judah. They tore down the city walls, burned the temples, and ran down every person who tried to escape. The few...