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King Edward II

Ruins of the medieval friary found under the car park. (Cotswold Archaeology) "The White Friars and Church of St. Mary de Crypt in Gloucester" drawn and etched by Samuel Lysons. (

Long-lost Medieval Friary Found Beneath English Car Park

British archaeologists have long speculated over the most probable site for a long lost medieval Friary that once stood in open countryside near Gloucester, England. Now it’s been discovered, but not...
Modern depiction of Edward II and Piers Gaveston.

Piers Gaveston: Exile, Secrets, and Jealousy Marked the Life of the Favorite of King Edward II

Piers Gaveston, 1st Earl of Cornwall, was an English nobleman who lived during the 13th and 14th centuries AD. He was “the favorite” of English king Edward II - what exactly that means in his case is...