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Hengist by John Speed's  "Saxon Heptarchy" (1611) (Public Domain)

Revolt Of The Angle, Saxon and Jute Mercenaries In Britannia

Three Saxon keels slipped effortlessly through the waves towards the Kentish coast. The white cliffs glided past as the rowers, 20 on each side kept a constant rhythm. The shallow-draft oaken hull,...
A Jute warrior buried on his back with his sword. The Deal cemetery findings in Kent, England are some of the best evidence ever found relating to English origins. Because of the Jutes, the Britons gave up the Celtic language for the more advantageous early English spoken by the Jutes.		Source: Sam Lennon / Kent Online

Jute Cemetery Find Yields Evidence of 5th Century English Origins

Archaeologists in England are calling their discovery “one of the most important” for decades. The ancient cemetery didn’t only date back to the Neolithic period, but it held the bodies of 40 men,...