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Representational image of jousting horses. Source: Public domain

Jousting Horses Ridden by English Knights Came from Mainland Europe

Jousting was a popular sport among elites in medieval England, as anyone who has ever read a book or watched a movie about English knights in the Middle Ages is well aware. Jousters wore thick armor...
A jousting match like the one that resulted in the last fall of King Henry VIII and his subsequent deteriorating health and eventual death.                     Source: Anthony / Adobe Stock

Location of King Henry VIII’s Dramatic Jousting Fall Found

In 1536 AD King Henry VIII of England was torn from his horse during a jousting match , which led to deteriorating health and his eventual death. Now, the exact location of King Henry VIII’s “last...
Paramedics aid man at Hawkesbury Showground in New South Wales after he was struck in the head with a Medieval axe

Axe Wounds Man During Medieval Battle Re-Enactment

A young man who participated in a mock medieval battle in Australia was flown to hospital after he received an axe-blow to the side of the head. The battle was organized as part of the Winterfest...
Full Contact Sword Combat during the Medieval combat in Russia. Source: Wranglerstar / YouTube Screenshot.

World Championship in Medieval Combat Unfolds Like a Ukrainian Game Of Thrones

This weekend the ‘World Championship in Medieval Combat’ was held in the Ukraine where hundreds of warriors clanking around in armor , swinging swords and axes, in a scene reminiscent of an episode...
Jayne and Martin Townley at their Middle Ages themed house hosting a medieval banquet

Jousting Champion and Magician Wife Transform House into Medieval Castle Complete with Banqueting Hall

A medieval-obsessed couple have transformed their four-bedroom, semi-detached home in Somerset, England, into a Middle-Ages-themed castle complete with a banqueting hall. Martin and Jayne Townley...
Medieval tournament reenactment.

Medieval Re-enactor Tragically Dies After Being Impaled With His Own Lance

A medieval knight re-enactor who accidentally impaled himself with his lance during a re-enactment event over the weekend has died, leaving his friends and family “stunned.” Virginia military veteran...
Jousting demonstration/show/competition at the Renaissance Festival, Holly, Michigan, 2007

From Jousting to Football: The Ideal Man Hasn’t Changed Much Since Medieval Times

Anyone with a moderate interest in history will know that in the later years of his reign, Henry VIII seemed to have an identity crisis. His personality change from a generous and virtuous prince...
Warwick Castle from the bridge over the River Avon, Warwick, Warwickshire, UK.

Camp Like A King: Warwick Castle Offers Guests a Slice of the Middle Ages

A castle in England is allowing people to have an amazingly immersive experience. One of the country’s most historic castles is now offering guests the opportunity to experience life in medieval...
A neo-Gothic mural by Léo Scnug in a French castle depicting a medieval knight about to joust and four women in the audience, painted in the 1910s.

Archaeologists discover remains of medieval knight with extensive jousting injuries

A study of the bones of 700 people unearthed at Hereford Cathedral in England has shown that one may have been a medieval knight. Archaeologists noted many broken bones, some knitted, on the skeleton...
Unlocking the Identity of the Stirling Knight

Unlocking the Identity of the Stirling Knight

In 1997, a crypt of skeletons was unearthed during an excavation of Stirling Castle in Scotland. What was originally believed to have been part of the Governor’s Kitchens was revealed to be the ‘lost...
Toasting the revels: The court of Henry VIII, as depicted by the Italian artist Fortunino Matania.

Lavish banquet hall where Henry VIII entertained visiting royalty is discovered beneath playground

Archaeologists are excavating the ruins of a 480-year-old luxuriously decorated banquet house of King Henry VIII of England that was built next to a jousting field. Workers discovered the site of the...