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Top Image: Artist’s impression of ancient Akkadian city with a temple ( jambulart / Adobe Stock)

Unmasking Ugarit’s Mysterious Asiatic King-God Commanding The Habiru

A temple of the god, Baal, built in the ancient city of Ugarit, nowadays called Ras Shamra, on the north-eastern shores of the Mediterranean coast of Syria, date back to the beginning of the Middle...

Giants In Canaan: Anakim, Rephaim And Nephilim

In the biblical tradition, the enigmatic Nephilim, or Fallen Ones, are mentioned in two very different contexts. The first mention appears in Genesis 6 and refers to the period before and after the...
Bronze figurines found at Lchashen

The Fascinating Lchashen Settlement, Armenia: Where Elite Warriors Emerged from a Watery Grave

Thanks to globalization, the world is getting smaller and we can now travel to sites and places that were once difficult to see. Besides a long history and rich culture, there are many extraordinary...
The Royal Palace of Urkesh, built around 2250 B.C. by king Tupkish.

The Rediscovery of Urkesh: Forgotten City of the Hurrians

Ancient Urkesh was once a major hub of the ancient Near Eastern Hurrian civilization, known in mythology as the home of a primordial god. Little was known about Urkesh and the mysterious Hurrian...