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King Shapur of Persia Humiliating Emperor Valerian (Public Domain) Background: court of the emperor Valerian, painting circa 1450. (Public Domain); Deriv.  By Martini Fisher

What Really Happened to Valerian? Was the Roman Emperor Humiliated and Skinned at the Hands of the Enemy?

The death of Valerian is traditionally known as one of the most dramatic and unfortunate of all the deaths of the Roman emperors. The widely accepted story is that Valerian wanted to end the war with...
Genghis Khan

From Temujin to Genghis Khan: Hard Life Leads to Path of Vengeance – Part I

It is obvious that Genghis Khan needs no introduction. Most know who he was. However, it would be unfitting not to provide some details concerning his early life and rise to power. According to the...
During the sack of Rome by the Vandals in the 5th century AD, the Vandals took hostages include Roman Emperor Petronius Maximus’ wife.

The Strategic Use of Hostages in the Ancient World

The practice of taking hostages is not a new phenomenon but has existed since ancient times, and was a strategic tool employed by various civilizations around the world, particularly during times of...