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Researchers claim to have found the ancestral homeland of all living humans today. Source: ginettigino /Adobe Stock

Researchers Pin-Point ‘Ancestral Homeland’ of All Modern Humans

Most people accept that anatomically modern humans first arose in Africa roughly 200,000 years ago, but the location where that monumental evolutionary event took place on the continent has been less...
The Egtved girl. Source: Robert Fortuna/National Museum of Denmark

Egtved Girl Origins Keep Getting More Complicated

The Egtved girl’s remains were found in an oak coffin in a peat bog at a Bronze Age archaeological site near Egtved, Denmark in 1921. Her remains have been dated to 1370 BC, but the story of where...
Representation of a Neanderthal. A new study of Neanderthal DNA tells the story of their migrations between Europe and Siberia. Source: procy_ab /Adobe Stock

DNA Study Suggests Early Neanderthals Had Europe As Their Homebase

The Neanderthal story began around 430,000 years ago and (mostly) ended with their demise about 40,000 years ago . They left their mark in Europe and central Asia and on the genes of many people...
Aztlan is the Aztec’s legendary homeland.

The Lost City of Aztlan – Legendary Homeland of the Aztecs

Is Aztlan the ancient homeland of the great Aztec civilization, or is it just a mythical land described in legends? The Aztec people of Mexico created one of the most important empires of the ancient...