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Henry III

Sculpture by Kendra Haste of the polar bear which once lived in the royal menagerie at the Tower of London. Source: It’s No Game / CC BY 2.0

The Tower of London Was Once Home to a Polar Bear

The Tower of London has served as a stronghold, royal residence and a notorious prison for prominent figures ranging from Guy Fawkes to Elizabeth I . But few know that for over 600 years it was also...
Queen Katherine Of Aragon – Old And Deformed Wife Of Henry VIII?

Queen Katherine Of Aragon – Old And Deformed Wife Of Henry VIII?

In 1519, the French King Francis I quipped that Henry VIII had “ an old deformed wife, while he himself is young and handsome ”. It is generally assumed that the French King was referring to...
The Henry III gold coin was found in a Devon field.	 Source: Spink & Son

Henry III Gold Coin Sells for $729,000!

An amateur metal detectorist prospecting on farmland in Hemyock, Devon, in the southwest of England, made a staggering windfall find of what is believed to be one of England’s first gold coins. The...
The archaeological dig site of the Westminster Abbey Sacristy will be part of the abbey’s Hidden Highlights tours this summer at Westminster Abbey, photographed above. Source: coward_lion / Adobe Stock

Henry III’s Rediscovered Westminster Abbey Sacristy Opens to Tourists

The long-lost Great Sacristy of Henry III, built nearly eight centuries ago and rediscovered in 2020, will be open to the public for the first time this summer. The 13th century king ordered this...
One of the most exciting discoveries made during the excavation of the Great Sacristy at Westminster Abbey is the skeleton of a monk in “extraordinary condition”, which could hold valuable archaeological data.           Source: Westminster Abbey

Hundreds of Skeletons Uncovered During Westminster Abbey Excavation

The decomposed body parts of hundreds of medieval monks have been uncovered on the grounds of Westminster Abbey in London, during the excavation of the long-lost Great Sacristy of Westminster Abbey...
Beeston Castle entrance       Source: Dunja / Adobe Stock

Could the King Richard II’s Gold Still Be Hidden at Beeston Castle?

Perched on a large crag, Beeston Castle is one of the most dramatically situated medieval castles in England. Although what remains today represents the feats of medieval builders, much of what is...
Donnington Castle near Newbury in West Berkshire   Source: Piotr / Adobe Stock

Donnington Castle, Proud Survivor of Parliamentary Guns

There are various types of castles in Britain built by conquerors, rightful kings and wealthy supporters of the monarchs. One of the most distinctive is that of Donnington Castle (not to be confused...
On Left – Early fourteenth-century manuscript showing Edward I. On Right – Early fourteenth-century manuscript showing Edward I and his wife Eleanor

Edward I was a Strong and Formidable King Whose Presence Once Caused A Man to Die of Fright!

Edward I (known also as Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots) was an English king who lived during the 13 th and 14 th centuries AD. Edward belonged to the House of Plantagenet, whose...
William Marshal: One of the Most Important Knights in Medieval England

William Marshal: One of the Most Important Knights in Medieval England

William Marshal (also called William the Marshal), 1st Earl of Pembroke, is one of the most important figures in the history of medieval England. He was a knight and nobleman who lived between the...