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Henry II

Pedro González and his wife Catherine (c. 1575) by Joris Hoefnagel. Source: Public domain

Beauty and the Beast Was Inspired by a Tragic True Story

While the fairytale Beauty and the Beast has a happy ending, the tragic true story on which it was based most certainly did not. Published in France as La Belle et la Bête , it seems that the 1740...
A metal detector and shovel on the beach with coins that might be rare medieval coins. You never know!        Source: andrewbalcombe / Adobe Stock

British Metal Detectorists Find 3 Rare Medieval Coins Worth Thousands!

Three lucky metal detectorists in Britain have uncovered three incredibly rare medieval coins . Two were found by teenage enthusiasts and the third was found by a family. And all these lucky...
Medieval Queen. Credit: Julia Shepeleva / Adobe Stock

The Life and Times of the Notorious Medieval Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine is considered to have been one of the wealthiest and most powerful women of medieval Europe during the 12 th century. For a start, Eleanor was Duchess of Aquitaine in her own...
François Clouet - Dame au bain (Portrait of Diane de Poitiers)

A Mistress with the Midas Touch: Her Hunger for Gold Would Be the Death of Her

Diane de Poitiers was a French noblewoman and courtier who lived during the 16 th century. She is best remembered for being the mistress of Henry II, the King of France. This allowed Diane to wield...
Charter of Henry II: 1171-2.

Might This Small Ancient Manuscript Give Post-Brexit Bristolians Entry to Dublin?

Did you know that Bristolians are entitled to live in Dublin thanks to an 846-year-old charter written by King Henry II which has never been revoked? In other words, people from Bristol could remain...
William Marshal: One of the Most Important Knights in Medieval England

William Marshal: One of the Most Important Knights in Medieval England

William Marshal (also called William the Marshal), 1st Earl of Pembroke, is one of the most important figures in the history of medieval England. He was a knight and nobleman who lived between the...