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An ancient Greek helmet found at the Acropolis of Velia in Italy, in what was then Magna Graecia. Credit: Italian Ministry of Culture

Ancient Greek Helmet and Unearthed at Acropolis of Velia, Italy

Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient Greek helmet at the Acropolis of Elea-Velia , in the historical region of Magna Graecia, Italy. This is only the third helmet of its kind to be discovered at...
Representational image of a Roman soldier with a red-crested helmet. Source: Sunshower Shots / Adobe Stock

Romans Wore Red-Crested Helmets to Avoid Fratricide on the Battlefield

We’ve all become accustomed to seeing iconic red-crested helmets depicted in Hollywood battle scenes set in the Roman era. But, are these red crests historically accurate or just a product of...
A terrifying Golden samurai helmet with a tiger mask (warmtail / Adobe Stock)

12 Jaw-Dropping Helmets from the Ancient World

Helmets of the ancient world could be dazzling, terrifying, intimidating or sometimes simply practical. Here we look at 12 incredible helmets from across the ancient world. A Japanese Samurai helmet...
Vendel Helmets: Spectacular Scandinavian Relics from the Vendel Period

Vendel Helmets: Spectacular Scandinavian Relics from the Vendel Period

Vendel and Valsgärde are two archaeological sites located in Sweden. Both of these sites were once used as burial grounds, and it is from the former that a period in Swedish prehistory, the Vendel...
Battlefield Archaeology: Ancient Warrior Helmets and Head-Gear

Battlefield Archaeology: Ancient Warrior Helmets and Head-Gear

Books, text, manuscripts and oral histories of most ancient cultures abound with heroes wielding an array of ancient weapons including endless famous swords, spears and supernaturally charged armor...
This iron helmet is the only one that is found in Scandinavia dating back to the Viking Age. Why are not more found? (Photo: Museum of Cultural History, Oslo)

Why Is This the Only Existing Viking Age Helmet?

By THORNEWS In 1943, extraordinarily rich finds from the Viking Age were made in Haugsbygd in Ringerike, Eastern Norway. The finds included – among many other objects – the only helmet dating back to...
Ivan the Terrible holds court, showing an English ambassador some treasure, in a painting by Alexander Litovchenko.

Cache of military-grade weapons from the era of the Ivan the Terrible found near Moscow

Archaeologists excavating an area for a planned highway expansion near Zvenigorod, Russia, have found the arsenal of a military commander from the 16 th century—the era of Ivan the Terrible. The...