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Roman sculpture showing detachable head. Source: giorgio/ Adobe Stock

Romans Cleverly Used Interchangeable Heads on Their Statues

Museums are filled with the captivating spectacle of bodiless heads and headless bodies dating back to Roman times. “Headless, these statues invoke a sense of mystery and fragmentation, allowing us...
A headless skeleton, Suffolk, England (representational). Credit: Archaeological Solutions.

450 Headless ‘Vampire’ Skeletons Unearthed in Mass Grave in Poland

Archaeologists in Poland have excavated what is being called a “mass-suspected vampire grave.” With their decapitated skulls lodged between their legs, and coins in their mouths, every effort was...
The remains of the headless horse found in an elite Merovingian grave in Knittlingen, Germany.		Source: Folke Damminger / Baden-Wuerttemberg State Office for Monument Preservation in the Stuttgart Government Presidium

Headless Horse Unearthed in an Elite Merovingian Cemetery in Germany

An elite Merovingian cemetery in Germany has yielded a wide range of warrior weapons and luxury jewelry. But what is getting all the attention in the media is the headless horse that was discovered...
Spanish researchers have released their scientific study of the Neolithic age skulls and ritual artifacts found in one of the Dehesilla caves south of Cadiz, Spain.

New Kind of Neolithic Age Human Burial Ritual Found in Spanish Cave

All societies, ancient and modern, lay a great deal of emphasis on how their dead should be buried. In a cave in southern Spain, researchers have discovered the extent to which Middle-Neolithic-age...
Huangmenyan cave, site of the squatting burial found in China.

Cave With 25,000 Years of Human History Now Delivers Headless Squatting Woman

In China , archaeologists have made an extraordinary discovery from over 13,000 years ago according to the State News Agency. During excavations in a cave, they have unearthed the headless remains of...
Dalbyneder Church, the western arch in the naive with a gothic fresco from 1511 of two blemmyes

Blemmyes: The Headless Men of Ancient and Medieval Mythology

The Blemmyes are an example of various species of bizarre creatures rumored, in antiquity and later, to inhabit remote parts of the world - from dog-headed humanoids to strange men with a single...