The first clear example of an ancient Harappan couple burial.

Archaeologists Find the First Example of a Harappan Couple Burial

A rare discovery at an ancient Harappan site shows that death doesn’t even mean the end for some relationships. The couple’s burial stands out from others in a sprawling cemetery. Even in the grave,...
General view of the coffin found at Sanauli

Sanauli Find Challenges Aryan Invasion Theory and Could Re-write Indian History

In the month of May 2018 various International and National News channels and Newspapers descended on the village Sanauli to report on a sensational discovery. Chariots and coffins were discovered...
4,000-Year-Old Copper Crown Found in India

4,000-Year-Old Copper Crown Found in India

By Venus Upadhayaya , Epoch Times Indian archaeologists uncovered a 4,000-year-old copper crown in the village of Chandayan, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh last week, from what they...
The mythical Saraswati river of Rig Veda

Did the mythical Saraswati river of the ancient Vedas really exist?

Coming together, glorious, loudly roaring, Saraswati, Mother of Floods. This is the description of the Saraswati River as written in the Rig Veda, a sacred collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns dating...
Rakhigarhi - the biggest Harappan site - India

Rakhigarhi now the biggest Harappan site after two new mounds discovered

The discovery in January of two new mounds at the ancient Harappan site of Rakhigarhi in Haryana, India, now makes it the largest known site of the Harappan (Indus Valley) civilisation, even outdoing...