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Representational image of an ancient meeting hall. Source: Sunshower Shots / Adobe Stock.

Colossal 3,000-Year-Old Monument Found in Germany May Be King Hinz Meeting Hall

In the historically rich soil of Brandenburg , Germany, archaeologists have unearthed a colossal Bronze Age building, thought to be the fabled meeting hall of King Hinz, a legendary figure purported...
Representative image shows the reconstruction of a Viking Hall at Lofotr Viking museum, Borg, Norway. Source: Jon Olav Eikenes/CC BY 2.0

Harald Bluetooth Era Viking Hall Discovered in Denmark

When archaeologists in Denmark identified the foundations of a huge Viking hall they knew they’d hit archaeological paydirt. But they didn’t expect that this building would be the largest Viking hall...
Representation of a medieval hall - The Temperate and the Intemperate: Miniature from Valerius Maximus, Faits et dits mémorables des romains, translation by Simon de Hesdin and Nicolas de Gonesse of Facta et dicta memorabilia, about 1475–1480. Source: Master of the Dresden Prayer Book /Getty

Medieval Great Halls Were at the Heart of the Festive Season

Giles Gasper /The Conversation The great hall is one of the most enduring images from the Middle Ages – and with good reason. Surviving written sources as well as archaeological and architectural...
Beowulf against the dragon.

Finding Beowulf: Is Some of the Famous Anglo-Saxon Heroic Epic Based on Truth?

Beowulf is possibly the most famous example of Anglo-Saxon literature. The heroic epic was created between the 8th-11th century and is set in Scandinavia. In the tale, Beowulf helps the king of the...
Representation of a Viking Hall.        Source: Roksolana / Adobe stock

Radar Tech Uncovers Three Viking Halls at Royal Cemetery in Norway

Three ancient Viking hall type structures of Norse power have been scanned at a Late Iron Age royal burial site in Norway. Borre is located in Horten municipality, Vestfold County, on the western...
A photo of the Ramanathaswamy Temple’s outer corridor.

The Ramanathaswamy Temple and its Infinite Corridors

The Ramanathaswamy Temple is regarded as one of the holiest Hindu temples in India. This sacred site is located on Rameswaram Island, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu between mainland India...
Tel Burna, Structures of Libnah

Archaeologists Discover a 3,200-Year-Old Pagan Ritual Hall in Israel

Excavators from Israel have announced the discovery of three millennia-old pagan ritual evidence, which supports the hypothesis of pagan worship at Tel Burna back then. Experts suggest that the new...
Toasting the revels: The court of Henry VIII, as depicted by the Italian artist Fortunino Matania.

Lavish banquet hall where Henry VIII entertained visiting royalty is discovered beneath playground

Archaeologists are excavating the ruins of a 480-year-old luxuriously decorated banquet house of King Henry VIII of England that was built next to a jousting field. Workers discovered the site of the...
A Scandinavian feasting hall

Viking feasting hall discovery resembles Beowulf hall of Heorot

It was a great wonder that the wine-hall withstood the bold fighters; that it fell not to the ground, the fair Earth-dwelling; but it was too firmly braced within and without with iron bands of...
Beowulf and Grendel

Uncovering the long-lost secrets of Beowulf

For those who are unaware, Beowulf is an Old English heroic epic poem set in Scandinavia and cited as one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature of all time. Dated between the 8 th and...
6000-year-old ‘halls of the dead’ Manchester UK

6000-year-old ‘halls of the dead’ discovered in the UK

Archaeologists have made a sensational find in Herefordshire, England, where they uncovered the remains of two large 6000-year-old halls buried within a prehistoric burial mound. They would have been...