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Etching by Francisco Heylan depicting the discover of the Lead Books of Sacromonte. Source: Public domain

The Lead Books of Sacromonte: Historic Forgery or a True Christian Relic?

The Lead Books of Sacromonte, also known as the Libros Plúmbeos or the Sacromonte manuscripts, are a collection of purportedly ancient religious texts that were supposedly discovered in the 16th...
The Lady of Baza, a famous example of Iberian sculpture by the Bastetani, has long been a source of contention. Source: Juan Aunión / Adobe Stock

The Lady of Baza and the Battle to Take Her Home

The Lady of Baza, a statue unearthed in Baza, has long been a subject of contention. Discovered in 1971, it was swiftly removed and taken to Madrid where it has been kept at the National Museum of...
The Nasrid Dynasty Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain.	 Source: Jebulon / CC0.

The Nasrid Dynasty and the Birth of the Alhambra Palace

The Nasrid Dynasty was the last Muslim dynasty on the Iberian Peninsula . The Nasrids ruled over the Emirate of Granada , which was founded during the 13 th century. The Emirate was the last Muslim...
The lead sarcophagus found in Granada, Spain is believed to come from the Roman period. Source: Granada Hoy

Discovery of Lead Sarcophagus Surprises Spanish Archaeologists

Spanish archaeologists working in the downtown of Granada were going about routine excavations in a historic building in preparation for underground work at the site. With centuries of documented...
Sayyida al-Hurra, Sovereign Lady who turned pirate.

Sayyida al-Hurra: Noble ‘Sovereign Lady’ Who Terrorized the Mediterranean As A Pirate

Sayyida al-Hurra was a notorious female pirate who lived between the 15 th and 16 th centuries. She was active in the western part of Mediterranean , and frequently targeted the ships of Portuguese...