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Reconstruction of a Viking ship burial. YouTube Screenshot / Norwegian Sci-Tech News

Elite Viking Burial Boat Discovered 30ft Underground in Norway

Archaeologists in Norway have developed, tested, and deployed a new ground-penetrating radar technique. The results of their work include the discovery of a 30 foot (9 meters) long and 5 foot (1.5...
A side-rendering of the giant mound that once covered the buried Viking ship. Today, the ship's remains lie under less than 20 inches of topsoil. (NIKU/LBI ArchPro)

1,000-Year-Old Buried Viking Ship Will be Raised!

Norwegian archaeologists have announced a plan to raise a buried Viking ship from the earth. The vessel is from a ship burial that is over 1000 years old. It is the first time in over a hundred years...
The Viking ship burial was found by the old Edøy church in Norway.

Viking Ship Burial Discovered on Norwegian Island

As technology is advancing, it is allowing us to know more about our past. Researchers in Norway have used it to identify a Viking ship burial on an island. The ship's outline was detected, and...
The Viking ship was found by georadar at Viksletta right next to the monumental Jell Mound in Østfold.

Radar Reveals a Rare Viking Ship Burial in a Field of Archaeological Dreams

Norwegian archaeologists have announced a very rare and “incredibly exciting” find. They have used georadar equipment to identify structures and burials, including a buried Viking age ship. The find...