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Thanks to fossil DNA, geneticists now know that different lineages of our ancestors interbred with one another, creating new genetic lines and ensuring the modern human race is genetically diverse. Pictured: Representation of our prehistoric ancestors.      Source: Kovalenko I / Adobe stock

How Ancient Fossil DNA Reveals the Secrets of Our Human Origins

When the human genome was first discovered, it revealed some amazing genetic secrets – modern humans are way more complicated than we originally thought. During a long evolution , humankind picked up...
Gibbon skull found in China (Credit: Samuel Turvey/ZSL); Luohan, hanging scroll, ink and color on silk (Public Domain); Apes and Horses (Public Domain)

New Gibbon Genus Discovered in Ancient Chinese Royal Tomb?

A gibbon skull recovered from an ancient tomb in China was possibly driven to extinction in the last two millennia and researchers told reporters at Science “it might be an entirely new species.” In...