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30 Years of Plastic Age Relics Overshadow Iron Age Heritage Site

30 Years of Plastic Age Relics Overshadow Iron Age Heritage Site

The Plastic Age is a term some scholars suggest we use to refer to the modern, plastic dominated times in which we live. Plastic usage and littering is also linked to the Anthropocene – the...
Archaeologists have unearthed “recycling sites” outside the walls of ancient Pompeii, showing the Pompeiians once recycled trash in an a very effective manner. Pictured: shot of the ruins with Mount Vesuvius in the background.      Source: dbvirago / Adobe stock

Ancient Pompeiians Built Parts of the City With Recycled Trash

Archaeologists have determined rubbish mounds outside the city walls at Pompeii were “recycling sites” where trash was sorted, reformed and resold, revealing the ancient Pompeiians were eco-conscious...
The visibly arched portal of Cairn 2 in Maulbronn, Germany. Source: Author provided

Two of Europe’s Biggest Cairns are About to Be Buried in Trash

Two of the biggest European cairns are facing destruction in the World Heritage city of Maulbronn, Germany. If it happens, the prehistoric monuments would be lost and scientific investigation...
Machu Picchu trash crisis - Tourists at the ancient site in Peru            Source: Rodolfo Pimentel / CC BY-SA 4.0

Trashy Tourism Threatens Machu Picchu’s Future

One of the world’s most famous historic sites is being threatened by a trash crisis. Machu Picchu is at risk because of the waste left by tourists. The local municipality and community in the area...
Illustration representing a ‘Bronze Age workshop in the 9 to 10th Centuries BCE’. A circular economy can be traced back as far as the Bronze Age, or perhaps earlier.

Circular Economy: How the Ancients Pioneered the Idea of Recycling Waste

Maikel Kuijpers / The Conversation The circular economy is typically seen as the progressive alternative to our wasteful linear economy, where raw materials are used to make the products that feed...
Trash cans	in a city park

Making America Great Again, With Some Seriously Ancient Trash Talk

I bet it’s been a while since you stopped to think about the garbage you generate? As we navigate the corridors of life we each leave behind us a trail of trash but with trash cans and dumpsters in...