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There is much evidence of dwarfs in Egypt. Here, a group statue of the dwarf Seneb and his family at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The statue was found in a naos in his mastaba tomb in Giza. Seneb is represented seated, with his legs crossed, beside his wife who embraces him affectionately. His wife is of regular height. 	Source: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Elites and Gods: The Big Lives Of Little People In Ancient Egypt!

With its enormous stone temples, pyramids and tombs, ancient Egypt was undoubtedly one of the most productive advanced civilizations of the pre-Christian world. However, their advancement was not...
Tech Reveals A Little Girl Mummy Who Doesn’t Look Like Her Portrait

Tech Reveals A Little Girl Mummy Who Doesn’t Look Like Her Portrait

New technologies have allowed scientists to examine the insides of an Egyptian little girl mummy that is almost 2000 years old. This means that scientists can examine the objects interred with a...
Tomb of emperor Frederick III in St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria. Source: JoJan / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Micro Cameras Reveal Treasure in Emperor Frederick III’s Tomb

Researchers have used cameras to examine the last untouched royal tomb in Europe . Experts used tiny cameras to investigate the tomb of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III. They revealed a stunning...