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Aerial image of Bonamargy Friary in Northern Ireland. Source: peter / Adobe Stock

The Haunted History and Resting Heroes of Bonamargy Friary

Old ruins and abandoned places have always tickled the imagination. They’ve also been a primary source for local legends across the centuries. Ireland, thanks to its long and rich history, is full of...
Dyfed Archaeological Trust diggers standing in front of the boxes of artifacts found at what is thought to be the medieval friary site in Haverfordwest, Wales. Source: Dyfed Archaeological Trust

Unexplained Remains of Children Found Near Welsh Medieval Friary Site

A dig to find the location of a 600-year-old medieval friary in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, has resulted in the macabre discovery of countless human remains. So far, nearly 100 skeletons have been...
Ruins of the medieval friary found under the car park. (Cotswold Archaeology) "The White Friars and Church of St. Mary de Crypt in Gloucester" drawn and etched by Samuel Lysons. (

Long-lost Medieval Friary Found Beneath English Car Park

British archaeologists have long speculated over the most probable site for a long lost medieval Friary that once stood in open countryside near Gloucester, England. Now it’s been discovered, but not...
Scholarly tools from left: quills, styluses and book clasps.

Tools of Medieval Wisdom Unearthed Beneath England’s Ancient Academic Hub

Archaeologists in England have unearthed in excess of 10,000 medieval artifacts in central Oxford and every single one of them is providing a clearer picture of day to day life at Oxford University,...