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The ring found inn Jutland, Denmark whispers of unknown royalty from the Source: The National Museum Denmark

Gold Ring Hints At Unknown Royalty and an Alliance with the Kingdom of France

A metal detecting enthusiast has found a rare gold ring, which may reveal a new, unknown princely family in Denmark, which had close connections to the European great power of the time. The ring was...
Medieval soldier at war. Credit: Andrey Kiselev / Adobe Stock

The Battle of Tours - A Decisive Fight for Europe’s Future

The early medieval world of our ancestors was built upon struggles and decisive battles. The emerging nations united the broken tribes, expanded their borders, conquered their enemies, and often...
The Carolingian dynasty’s victory at the Battle of Tours is considered a turning point in European history. Source: Bender235 / Public Domain.

The Carolingian Dynasty - Puppeteer Rulers In Early Medieval Europe

The Carolingian dynasty was a Frankish noble family that rose to power during the 8th century AD. Under the Merovingians , the Carolingians obtained the office of mayor of the palace. As the...
Victory over the Muslims at the Battle of Tours marked the furthest Muslim advance and enabled Frankish domination of Europe for the next century. Source: Bender235 / Public Domain.

The Franks, Charlemagne, and the Forging of Europe

The earliest histories of many European nations are firmly rooted in the ancient periods of migrations – when all sorts of tribes traveled from their homes in search of new grounds for settlement...
The Heroic Story of Roland: A Valiant Knight With an Unbreakable Sword

The Heroic Story of Roland: A Valiant Knight With an Unbreakable Sword

Roland (Hruodland in Frankish) also called "Roland the Valiant," was born in 736 AD and died in 778 at Roncevaux. He was a Frankish knight, Earl of March of Brittany, responsible for defending the...
Main: The west tower of the Frankfurt Imperial Cathedral, under which were interred two Medieval children, one with a Christian burial the other a pagan burial.

Double Medieval child burial, one Pagan, one Christian, mystifies German researchers

Archaeologists say the circumstances of the death and double burial of two little children who died in Medieval Frankfurt, Germany, will probably never be known. One of the children had an apparently...