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flaked tools

Archaeologists excavating in at the famous Boxgrove site in England have identified horse bone tools, the earliest bone tools ever discovered in the history of European archaeology. There are scraping marks due to the way the tool was

500,000-Year-Old Horse Bone Tools Discovered in England

Every doctor, physician and nutritionist who has ever donned a white coat would agree that, to a great extent, we humans really are what we eat. But over recent years, with advances in scanning...
Researchers found the collection of ‘Oldowan’ flaked stone tools in the Afar region of north-eastern Ethiopia. Source: Erin DiMaggio.

World’s Oldest Stone Tools and Weapons Found in Ethiopia

Researchers have unearthed some deliberately sharpened tools that date from over 2.5 million years ago. These artifacts are changing our understanding of the invention of tools and showing that our...