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Prehistoric dinosaur dung, a.k.a. a coprolite. Source: Public domain

How Did Fossilized Dino Droppings Spark a Dung Rush?

Coprolite, also known as prehistoric poo, has been highly prized since its discovery in the 19th century. Regarded as a priceless treasure-trove by paleontologists and archaeologists alike, mining...
Battle of Waterloo soldiers fighting at the Hougoumont Chateau as portrayed in a watercolor by Denis Dighton. Source: Public Domain

June 1815: Did Dead Waterloo Soldiers Become Fertilizer? Probably!

A new study published in the Journal of Conflict Archaeology has suggested that many remains of the roughly 60,000 Waterloo soldiers who died in the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815 may have been...
‘White Gold’ Seabird Guano Sustained Life in Ancient Atacama

‘White Gold’ Seabird Guano Sustained Life in Ancient Atacama

“White Gold,” or seabird guano fertilizer, is found to have boosted agricultural systems in the pre-Inca civilizations of South America who inhabited Chile’s hellish Atacama Desert. Seabird and bat...
Advanced Agricultural Knowledge 8,000 Years - Fertilizers

Evidence of Advanced Agricultural Knowledge Dating Back 8,000 Years

Evidence showing that ancient civilizations were far more superior to what we have thought has been emerging every day. For example, we have recently reported on the discovery of old Chinese writing...