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The Hunt-Lenox Globe (Public Domain)

Here Be Dragons: Exploring the Hunt-Lenox Globe (Video)

The Hunt-Lenox globe is a remarkable historical artifact that holds a significant place in cartographic history. As the second-oldest surviving terrestrial globe , it offers invaluable insights into...
The ancient Chinese compass, one of the great inventions in history. Source: hong/Adobe Stock

How the Chinese Compass Revolutionized Navigation

We all know that the compass is an invaluable tool for navigation and orientation. Without it, we’d pretty much be “lost at sea”. That’s why it ranks as one of the most important inventions of...
Representational image of the Muslim explorer Ibn Hawqal. Source: nsit0108 / Adobe Stock

The Uncharted Horizons of Ibn Hawqal, the World’s First Travel Writer

At a time when the outlines of the known world were a mystery to many, and even the most powerful empires had no idea about the realms beyond their distant borders, the scholars of the Muslim world...
Representation of lost white city of Honduras. Source: Michael Böhm / Adobe Stock.

The Quest for the Lost White City of Honduras (Video)

Nestled deep in the heart of the Honduran jungle, there is said to be a long-lost city that has eluded explorers for centuries. This fabled city, known as the "The White City" or "La Ciudad Blanca,"...
Many think of modern globalization as a corporate phenomenon, linking it to the spread of coronavirus. But in fact, archaeology evidences it began in antiquity up to 5,000 years ago. Pictured: Ptolemy’s Global map. 	Source: British Library

Elephants to Electronics: The Ancient Phenomenon of Modern Globalization

Many think of globalization as a modern and corporate phenomenon , and it has been readily linked to the spread of coronavirus. But modern globalization isn’t new. Archaeological research shows it...
The entrance of Eisriesenwelt Cave

Eisriesenwelt Cave, Home of the Legendary Ice Giants

The Austrian Alps are renowned for their beauty and of course for winter sports, such as skiing. There are also a number of important caves in the county and perhaps the most well-known of these is...
Chinese space exploration

China Joins the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life

­­ For many years, space exploration seemed to be largely an American obsession. NASA was the only space agency on the planet with ambitious plans and the consistent financing to carry them out. But...
Ice Cave Lake, Krubera Cave

Krubera Cave - Journeying to the Depths of Georgia in One of the World’s Deepest Caves

Krubera Cave was once thought to be the deepest cave on earth, although now it is generally regarded as the second deepest. This natural wonder, found in the Republic of Georgia , is renowned among...
‘Arrival of Burke, Wills and King at the deserted camp at Cooper's Creek, Sunday evening, 21st April 1861’ (1907) by John Longstaff.

Exploration and Misfortune—The Tragic Tale of the Burke and Wills Expedition

Going out into the unknown comes with a cost. This was learned the hard way by the Burke and Wills expedition of 1860-1861, the first European expedition across Australia from Melbourne, Victoria in...
Did the Portuguese Have Secret Knowledge about Brazil Before the Treaty of Tordesillas?

Did the Portuguese Have Secret Knowledge about Brazil Before the Treaty of Tordesillas?

Controversy surrounds the knowledge the Portuguese had about Brazil before they entered into the Treaty of Tordesillas. The Treaty of Tordesillas, signed in 1494, was a treaty between Castile (Spain...
The Abduction of Europa, 1716, Jean Francois de Troy.

The Phoenician city of Tyre - A rich history of industry, mythology and conflict

According to tradition, the city of Tyre was founded in 2750 B.C., and is considered one of the world’s oldest metropolises. For much of its history, Tyre has played an important role in the region...