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A golden mummy from Manchester Museum. Source: Allan Gluck / CC BY-SA 4.0

Mummification Had Nothing to Do With Preservation, Claims Exhibit

For over a century archaeologists and teachers have taught students that ancient Egyptians mummified corpses to “preserve” their bodies. Now, a disruptive new museum exhibit in the UK is set to...
The Great Pyramid casing stone.

Great Pyramid Casing Stone Exhibit On Rocky Ground As Egypt Challenges Its Legality

The National Museum of Scotland announced that they plan to exhibit a marvelous block of fine white limestone that was brought to the UK in 1872 as a centerpiece in a new permanent gallery called...
Glacier artifacts. The bones and personal belongings of the "Théodule Pass mercenary”, an unidentified man thought to have fallen into a crevasse above Zermatt in the 17th century.

Global Warming Reveals Amazing Glacier Artifacts from Switzerland’s Ancient Past

In Sion, Switzerland an exhibition is being held which presents glacier artifacts (archaeological finds from glaciers). In recent decades, many discoveries of often perfectly preserved ancient...
Skull from Roman Dead exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands

The Dead Tell Us of a Diverse Londinium

Rebecca Redfern / The Conversation Our knowledge about the people who lived in Roman Britain has undergone a sea change over the past decade. New research has rubbished our perception of it as a...
A gold plaque depicting a Scythian rider with a spear in his right hand. One of the artifacts currently on display.

A Warrior’s Face Frozen in Time, Gold, Hemp, Tents and Cheese Tell the Scythian Tale

The Scythians were a mysterious and fascinating people. They were nomads and left no known writing, yet their elaborate burials and tattoos have given up some of their story. A new exhibition at the...
The Lion Attacking a Dromedary diorama.

Grisly Find of Human Remains in a Famous Museum Diorama: Whose Skull is on Display?

The Lion Attacking a Dromedary , formerly known as the Arab Courier Attacked by Lions , has attracted thousands of museum-goers for over a hundred years. Now it is at the Carnegie Museum of Natural...
Detail of the face on the mummy shroud from around 9 BC which was recently recovered from a hidden package in the National Museum of Scotland’s collections.

Every Curator’s Dream? 2000-Year-Old Mummy Shroud Discovered at the National Museum of Scotland

Curators at the National Museum of Scotland have made an exceptional discovery inside a World War II service envelope with a hand-written note. The writing distinguishes the contents, a remarkably...
Reconstitution of a prehistoric tomb containing the ‘Ladies of Teviec’, two women in their twenties or early thirties.

A Makeshift Casket of Sea Shells and Antlers: The 6500-Year-Old Grave of the Unfortunate Ladies of Téviec

Téviec would be a rather anonymous island located somewhere in Brittany, France, if it wasn’t for its great archaeological value thanks to the many finds – mainly from the Mesolithic Period – that...