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Interior of Exeter Cathedral in England, where the remains of Bishop William Warelwast, nephew of William the Conqueror, were discovered. Source: Seventy4 UK / Adobe Stock

Tomb of William the Conqueror’s Nephew Found in Hidden Crypt of Exeter Cathedral

A team of archaeologists excavating in the 900-year-old Exeter Cathedral have discovered a burial crypt containing stone-lined tombs. One of the burial occupants is a medieval VIP: William the...
The discovery of the first ditch of the Roman fort. Source: Exeter City Council.

Roman Fort Discovered Hidden Beneath English Bus Station

A long-lost Roman fort has been uncovered during a construction project in the British town of Exeter. The discovery stunned archaeologists as there was no record to indicate that there was a...
‘Mermaid’ (1873) by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann. Mermaid tales are popular inspirations for the arts around the world

The Bizarre Tales of Four Lesser Known English Mermaids

For thousands of years, shanty tales of half-human, half-marine beings called mermaids , selkies , and finfolk have drifted ashore with sea beaten sailors. They stitch together the mythologies of...