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School Got it Wrong? Thinking Critically about History

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30/03/2017 - 18:00 to 19:00

Is the history you learned in school wrong?

The historical accounts taught in schools might be inaccurate, and textbooks and teachers generally present biased historical accounts—often without anyone noticing.  This might not be intentional, although avoiding controversy and disregarding conflicting evidence is valued.  Pick up most history textbooks and you will not read about anything unknown.  You will see definite dates for just about every historical event, from the appearance of modern humans in Africa 200,000 years ago to the conquest of the New World.  But such texts disregard evidence to make such claims: evidence that human beings are millions of years old, that Europeans were in the Americas a hundred years before Columbus, that ancient Egyptians were in contact with Native Americans, and much more! What is the truth?

Join author Ken Jeremiah as he returns in a fascinating Ancient Origins Premium webinar – School Got it Wrong? Thinking Critically about History

Dr Ken Keremiah  is a translator and author who has written about ancient history, religions, mummification, and spirituality. His numerous books include Remnants of a Distant Past

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